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Our CSET Preparation Services


CSET Prep Tutors provide detailed courses more related to the content of the CSET exam than others in the industry. We have dedicated years to researching, tutoring, and prepping potential teachers to deliver the right solution in your journey to passing CSET. By continuously working with the CSET exams, our team has gained a good knowledge of how exam questions are written and how content is delivered. With a deep commitment to success, our tutors will guide you in gaining relevant knowledge for your CSET exam.

What is included in the tutoring courses?

We offer different tutoring service packages that are customizable for students’ needs, and these features include:

  • Diagnostic Assessment Session

  • In-Class Quizzes

  • Progress Checks

  • Homework Assignment

  • Aligned Exam Content

  • Email Tutoring

  • Similar Exam Questions

  • Weekly Chat Online Tutoring Messaging Instruction

  • Knowledge Tutors

  • Research-based Test-Taking Tips


Our Methodology In Helping You Pass CSET


Comprehensive Assessment Session


Each student who signs up for our test prep course will have an assessment session. This session is very critical in establishing a plan to ensure the student passes the exam. In this session, the tutor will gain information on your weaknesses and strengths. The tutor will also provide test-taking tips and study tips to utilize for the rest of the course. A comprehensive study plan is established and agreed upon by the student, tutor, and academic counselor.


Focus on Real Content and Weak Areas


Our success in helping students pass the exam is by focusing solely on the content that appears on the real exam. Throughout the course, the tutor will focus on your weak areas to establish a strong foundation to enter the test center with confidence. Additionally, the tutor will focus on other exam areas to ensure there is no loss of knowledge. Tutors have had great exposure to the exam in the past and will share content and information that has appeared on the exam previously.


Tracking Tools


We have developed excellent tracking tools to ensure your success on the exam. Tracking tools will be established at the beginning of the course and updated weekly, and shared with students periodically. Tracking tools are based on all competencies needed for the exam. Practice questions will be conducted to ensure the student is ready for the exam.


Diving Deep into Questions and Test Tips


If you have already taken the exam, you are more likely to have done many practice questions, which might help to an extent. However, you never know what will appear on the exam, so we focus on getting you ready for all the questions via test-taking tips and content.  Tutors will explain to you how to take the exam and what to look for. In your live sessions, tutors will dissect the entire question and put it back together. Tutors will help you in expanding your critical thinking and analytical skills.


Experience Found Nowhere Else


Our tutors are the most experienced in the State in helping you pass your CSET. Our tutors are well exposed to the exam and can assist you in passing the CSET. Our tutors will explain to you test tips and study tips and the DOs and DON’Ts of the exam. They will explain to you how to take the exam. They will make sure you have confidence in all your weak areas before you enter the test center.


What Services Do CSET Prep Tutors Offer?

2 Weeks Test Prep Service

 The 2 weeks test prep course focuses on one or two weak area topics (within one subject area). The course is for those who have taken the exam 1 or 2 times and failed by only a few points (less than 5 points). The course covers 10-15% of the exam. This course is not comprehensive. For multiple subject exams (with subtests), this course is only focused on one subtest.


4 Weeks Test Prep Service

The 4 weeks test prep course focuses on two or three weak topics (within a subject area). The course is for those who have taken the exam 2-3 times and failed by approximately 8-13 points. The course covers 15-25% of the exam. This course is not comprehensive. For multiple subject exams (with subtests), this course is only focused on one subtest.


8 Weeks Test Prep Service


The purpose of the 8 weeks course is to provide a comprehensive and complete exposure to the exam to what our team knows is on the exam. The course will focus on weak areas, along with exposure to real exam content. The course is for those who have never taken the exam or are having significant difficulty passing the exam. If you have taken the exam more than three times, you will likely need the 8 weeks program. You can double up 8 weeks and complete it in 4 weeks. 8 weeks course is the highest passing rate program. Completing the 8 weeks program will greatly increase your chances of passing.  This course is comprehensive.

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