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Recent Testimonies of Students Passing CSET Exam​


Recent Testimonies of Students Passing CSET Exam​


Recent Testimonies of Students Passing CSET Exam​

CSET Spanish – Testimony by Tyler C.


I signed up for CSET tutoring after I did tutoring with Wyzant. I needed to really know what was on the CSET Spanish exam as I took Subtest I four times. My experience with Wyzant was not good. My tutor knew Spanish and was teaching me Spanish, which I already knew. The tutor was not well aware of the CSET Spanish. I was very hesitant to do another tutoring program. I saw the videos and reviews of students passing CSET. Also, they focused on CSET, so I took a chance. From the first session, I knew this was more related to the CSET as my tutor was not teaching me Spanish; he was more focused on the exam. After the tutoring program, I reviewed everything for 1 month and took test. I did pass my test and I thank god for finding this site.


CSET Physical Education – Testimony by Clare Y.


Good morning, I received my score results from test three last night. I passed!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are my results from the CSET. I will talk to you at 9. Thanks for all your help. Me passing this test is fuel to keep me going, and believing that I can pass these next three exams. 


CSET Multiple Subjects – Testimony by Karen F.


I am emailing you to let you know that I passed my CSET Multiple Subject Subtest 2 exam. Thank you for your support for this exam. The extra support Jacob gave me for my constructed responses writing helped me to pass this exam. My original tutor David helped me with the content for this exam.


CBEST Writing – Testimony by Yvonne A.


I took the CBEST writing 5 times, and I was getting the same score report. I am international student, so my writing is not good to begin with. I did not know what to do, so I signed up for the 2 weeks course. My tutor explained to me things I never thought about or read in any of the books. Also, my tutor provided a lot of detail feedback. I decided to add additional 2 weeks to get more help. I am very pleased with this services as I passed the test.


CSET Music – Testimony by Meghan K.


My mom signed me up for the 4 weeks course for cset music subtest I, and I finished the course in 2 weeks. The tutor did provide the best questions I have seen, and he also helped me the open response. I did pass, but I felt this was too pricy. I thought I get more but I did pass, which is what I wanted. Thanks


CSET Physical Education – Testimony by Diane L.


Just to let you know I did pass the pe exam. I got my score last night, and I passed all three subtest. Thank you so much for helping me. I never thought I pass this exam as my degree is in business, but I am so happy I passed. Thank you so so so much!!!


CBEST Reading – Testimony by Amy H.



Here is my statement:

My tutor was Kevin, and I did the 8 weeks for CBEST reading as I took test 10 times before. I liked how Kevin went over different types of reading questions like main idea, inferring, generalization, tone, etc. I also liked how he gave strategies for each type of questions. This was what I was missing. No one ever explained to me in my schooling how to tackle reading passages. This tutoring program was well worth it to pass this exam.


CSET Industrial and Technology Education – Testimony by Laine A.


I did not want to pay for tutoring, but I could literally not find anything for the cset industrial and technology education. I did the 4 weeks course. I wish they provided a lot more, but what I did with my tutor was on the exam. This is a good program.


CSET Social Sciences – Testimony by Dave R.


Mandy – I passed all subtest for social science. The constructed response was very hard, but I followed your strategies and looks like it paid off. Thank you so much.


CPACE – Testimony by Dominique R.


I will want your help with the CPACE Performance. I passed the CPACE Content months ago with the help of this company. I thought I be able to do the performance, but I am having trouble. Please let me know the cost and when we can start.


CSET Multiple Subjects – Testimony by Ericka V.


I took the CSET Multiple Subjects in 2015, and I failed all 3 subtests. I got married and had a baby, so I put CSET on hold. So, in 2019 I decided to take the test again, and I signed up with Wyzant to help me with the exam. My tutor was really nice and was smart too in math and science along with other areas, but the stuff we were doing was nothing on the exam. I wasted my money with Wyzant. My friend told me about CSET Tutoring services, so in 2020 I decided to work with them on Subtest II of Multiple subjects. I feel like we did not do a lot of stuff in this program, but what we did was very close to the real exam. I felt good going into the test, but as I did the test I knew I passed, and I did pass. I recommend this program to anyone wanting to pass CSET. CSET is very very hard, and this company is good at it. They have they ways of doing things, and I felt at first this was not a lot, but it was what I needed to pass.


RICA – Testimony by Aaron W.


I thought I send you an email and let you know I got my score back and I passed the RICA. Thanks you for the help.


CBEST Writing – Testimony by Joy S.

Hey. I got my results back for CBEST Writing. I got very good marks and have put CBEST behind me. Thank you so much Ron.


CSET General Science (CSET 215) – Testimony by Erin P.

Passing the new General Science 215 became a huge struggle. I passed the physics exam with no help as I am physic major, but for some reason I was not getting the general science. I consider myself to be smart, so I was very very baffled why I was not passing the 215. I signed up for the 4 weeks course, and my tutor was explaining to me how to answer the questions. When working with Jonna, she was telling me how to read the questions and eliminate answers; stuff I never thought about. Seeing how this was helping me, I upgraded to the 8 weeks course. After finishing with Jonna, I took test and I did get a passing score on the 215. My main comment to people is that these tutors here know the exam very well and do activities related to the exam.

CBEST Reading – Testimony by Joshua K.

I got my score for the cbest reading and I did pass. I like to go ahead and do 4 weeks for math. How do I go about doing that?


CSET Physical Education – Testimony by Kelly P.


My education was in physical education, and I been teaching in Texas for over 15 years. I moved to California, and I found out I had to take cset exams in physical education to get my teaching credentials for the state. I studied mometrix book and 240 tutoring, and I felt very good. When I took test, I was just sticker shocked nothing I studied was on the exam. I panic like I have not done before. I knew I failed as I did not even properly attempted the essay.  I talked to my husband about my experience, and he reached out to this tutoring program. He just signed me up right away as he just wanted me to pass. From the start, I could see the similarity from what I saw on the exam do what my tutor was doing, so I felt good about the program. I did take all three subtest in 1 week and passed 2 of the 3. My tutor worked for me for free for 4 weeks and I passed the remaining one last month. There is not a lot out for physical education and what is out there is not good, but this program is good for physical education.

CSET Mathematics – Testimony by Faith C.


I took the CSET Subtest I Math course as I took test 6 times and failed. This was a hard exam for me as I am not a math major. The theory involved in the exam was just difficult. I am good at calculations, but the rings and matrix stuff just confused me, and I also did not know much about proofs. I did the 8 weeks course, and I was not happy in the beginning at all. I thought the stuff they were doing was too easy or just way to hard for me to comprehend. As the course progressed, I got more and more homework and engaged more. I was seeing slowly but surely progress and understanding. Toward the end, we were doing harder exam questions I saw before on the exam, and I was getting them right. I still was not confident in passing after finishing the course, but I took test a got 224. I recommend this program for CSET Math only if you are really really struggling. I have feeling if you are a math major; you might get frustrated if the tutor is reviewing some easier stuff. I was a little frustrated. All in all, I am happy that I passed. I think CSET tutoring for the support.


CSET Physical Education – Testimony by Sarah S.


Hello. My name is Jackson, and I took 8 weeks course for CSET PE Subtest 3. I did the 8 weeks course only because I needed help with the video and they only covered the video in the 8 weeks course. I never was doing good with the video portion of the physical education exam, so I knew I needed some major help. My tutor explained to me what they look for in this section, and he provided a lot of practice for both multiple choice and essay. I felt I learned a lot; information I did not know before about the essay. I took the test last month, and I got my score report and I got passing scores. I do accredited my success to this program. We did an essay question on volleyball, and my essay question on the real exam was related to volleyball; that helped a lot.


CSET Spanish – Testimony by Isabelle S.


My subtest iii score for the cset Spanish came in last night, and I did get passing score. Thanks for all the support. This means a lot to me as I really had to pass to keep my job.


CSET English – Testimony by Richard A.


I did subtest ii for English, and I can say the questions the tutor worked on with me were very similar to the exam. I think that is the only reason I passed the exam.


CSET Art – Testimony by Mary U.


I passed the CSET Art Part 1 and 2. Thank you!


CSET Physical Education – Testimony by Sydney P.


Hello! I wanted to share that I passed my PE cset subject 2. Thank you for your help. 


I scheduled my last subtest (3) for November 23. We can set up another tutoring sessions in mid October or so.


CSET Multiple Subjects – Testimony by Munica Q.


I found out that I passed my CSET Multiple Subjects Subtest II. Thank you so much for your help, your services were wonderful!


Brittany F.


CSET Music – Testimony by Daniel L.


Happy new year Jacob.  Just wanted you to know I got my CSET Music results today and I passed!  Thank you again for helping me. 


CSET Physical Education – Testimony by Jericho T.


I just received my results for the CSET Physical Education test and I passed sections 2 and 3, and now I need help with section 1. Please help me.


Hi Jacob, just wanted to let you know I passed my Spanish II CSET!!!  Thanks for your help.


CSET English – Testimony by Kathy C.


I needed help with subtest I and subtest ii for the English CSET. I signed up for 4 weeks course for each exam as I was close to passing. I can say with 100% certainty that these tutors know the exam. I brought books and practice questions and nothing was on the exam. This program was the most similar to the real exam.

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